Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin

Whether flying helicopters or reading auras, Lori-Ann Keenan is a living, breathing testament to the full-spectrum living. An accomplished business person, speaker, interior designer, philanthropist and artist, she is a master of manifestation who has studied the masters of success. 

An expert in creating a life of adventure throughout her many years as a successful entrepreneur, Lori-Ann, together with her husband, have followed the principles of manifestation to create a life that most only dream of. Her adventurous and courageous stories are a testament to her unshakable passion for life, her deep caring for others, and her belief that whatever she can dream she can do. 


While her professional contributions are many, those who are friends of Lori-Ann believe that her defining characteristics are generosity, humor and an undying sense of fun, adventure and romance. Mentoring or public speaking, Lori-Ann greets people the same way she greets everyone each day, with enthusiasm and reverence. 

Lori-Ann will always encourage you to dream big, believe in yourself, and be ready to provide you with a helping hand and the kick in the butt that you might need to follow her lead and be ready for your “And Then It Happened” life-changing moments.