Lori-Ann Keenan is being called the Ann Landers of today. By the end of this lighthearted, witty book - you'll feel like you've chatted with your best friend, mentoring you through the stories she tells and the lessons she's learned.

Things I Only Tell My Friends

by Lori-Ann Keenan



Lori-Ann Keenan is being called the Ann Landers of today. 

Remember Ann Landers? This was the pen name created by the Chicago Sun-Times for the popular advice columnist and nationwide media celebrity who wrote "Ask Ann Landers." And now - Lori-Ann Keenan is drawing similar comparisons to Landers who's column ran for over 47 years and reached 90 million people.

Keenan  became a successful entrepreneur at 24, created and ran a multi-million dollar international business by 30 and a philanthropist by 40. Today, she's penned an advice book in the same manner as Lander's column called "Things I Only Tell My Friends." By the end of this lighthearted, witty book - with each chapter ending  in a joke - you'll feel like you've chatted with your best friend, mentoring you through the stories she tells and the lessons she's learned.

The book is a jam packed smorgasbord of diverse experiences and nuggets of wisdom about love, life and success - full of practical tips, entertaining stories and laugh-out-loud humor. Keenan illuminates the habits that separate superstars from the ordinary. The book will show you how successful people think, how they lead, and how they serve.  

Practical tips on:

Lori-Ann describes practical tips throughout the book on:
• How to organize and center your life
• How to deal with employees and peers
• How to entertain one to hundreds
• How and where to vacation
• How to visualize and meditate on a conscious manifestation
• How to maintain healthy and happy relationships
• How best to plan for the future

Why buy this today?

By the end of “Things I Only Tell My Friends,” you’ll feel like you’ve chatted with your best friend who has mentored you to understand what steps you need to take to make a more meaningful life for yourself and those you love. Throughout the book, Lori-Ann gives you practical tips, entertaining stories, and humor. Finally, you’ll learn how to live authentically and regain inner peace.

It is like a smorgasbord, jam packed with diverse experiences and nuggets of wisdom about love, life, success and the importance of celebrating.

In a refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, with practical down-to-earth writing style, the author invites you into her life and shows you how she became a successful entrepreneur at age 24, and owner and operator of a multi-million dollar five-star international English school.

Always the perfect hostess – she serves up 12 delicious chapters, helping you to:

• Transform your life in every aspect and accelerate your path to happiness and success

• Recognize those “and then it happened...” moments when it’s time to take a leap of faith

• Learn successful techniques for managing others with confidence

• Tie it all together across sales, service, product management, and development

Lori-Ann Keenan is the friend everyone wishes they had.
This book is a whirlwind of fun! Lori-Ann Keenan’s life experiences prove she’s a powerhouse in every way - a benevolent world citizen, a massively successful entrepreneur and a fabulous wife & friend.

As if that isn’t enough, she loaded up this book with real-world tips to help all of us create our own magic.

Do yourself a favour clear your calendar, grab a cocktail and join Lori-Ann for a reading retreat.
— Carol E. Hamilton, Forbes Coaches Council 2018

Enjoy reading…


I just finished reading a chapter of your book that Lawrence kindly brought to me on his recent trip through Hong Kong, on a lovely day on my balcony! This is the chapter about your marriage. I picked up this chapter as I knew a little bit of you two and I am curious to learn more of you. 

I have to say it is indeed a book about things that you only tell your friends. It reads very personal. I feel like this is a high quality conversation that we had over a very nice meal. It’s like you two invited me over to your home for a dinner and you talked about the history of you two, and I left the dinner feeling I just met two wonderful people that taught me so much!…

So much I have learned from your marriage that I think I am eagerly looking forward to me next relationship so I could practice! :)
— Terry Hu



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Wow!! A Must read, from the heart...
This book is well written! Awesome and easy reading, I hated to put it down. This book is inspirational, informative and interesting. She is honest and open about her humble beginnings, and also shares some of her great achievements in life so far.

Lori-Ann shares a lot of excellent tips from her real life experiences that can save the readers a lot of time, money and headaches. (Very beneficial) This world traveler has some very good advice and recommendations when it comes to where to go, where to stay and things to enjoy once there. Her knowledge, advices and suggestions are priceless.

She is a loving, caring, generous and beautiful inside and out. Her compassion, kindness and good work ethic makes her an incredible role model. I totally enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend it.
— Ganga Pandaram